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Laura Jurca wins silver in the Euros AA and remains cutest person alive

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Stepping up. Iordache, ROU at 2014 European Championships

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Team Romania at its finest!

Watching Larisa’s floor :)) (Roxi Popa is cheering in the back)


Team Romania at its finest!

Watching Larisa’s floor :)) (Roxi Popa is cheering in the back)

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Favourite (active) 2012 Olympians - (ROM)

(Couldn’t decide between)

  • Diana Bulimar
  • Larisa Iordache

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Octavian Bellu has an official Facebook Page →


'Good evening everyone!

Yes, this time it’s true, this is an official page and I owe this to Diana and Larisa, our ‘specialists’ in the field.

I will try to get into the swirl of the internet and I hope I can keep up wth it these day when I’m really busy.

YES… it is true, I announced my…

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Romania is ready to fight for the gold medal. Here is the translation.

Larisa: Fortunately, we are a team. I’m happy that we have gathered some positive feelings

Diana: We are a team, and we are strong, and I hope we will be stronger for the EC, and I hope  everything will end up well.

Reporter: Romania is not only favored to win the team title, but also the event finals (except UB  :P ). Bulimar explains why.

Diana: Our advantage is that we are a TEAM, and our disadvantage ……. we don’t have one. :)

Reporter: Thinking at the EC, the junior team looked like a team today.

Laura: We are a team and we try to encourage each other.

Andra: It will be a good thing for us the juniors to win. And to show  that we are the future team that will succeed at Rio.

Reporter: Iordache and Bulimar are the leaders and want to bring home the  7th European title.

Reporter 2: Iordache and Bulimar were the youngest when Romania won the title 2 years ago. Now they are the leaders and they hope they’ll motivate Munteanu, Zarzu and Stanila that will debut at this year’s Europeans.

Larisa: We are fighting for a medal and we are hoping to do all our routines  well. That’s all that matters. If we do our routines perfect, then good results will come.

Diana:We are representing Romania and we hope will do a good job.

Reporter: Bitang and Bellu are testing the girls at each apparatus. Sandra Izabsa also came to the gym to motivate the girls. Sandra will go to Sofia to comment the EC for the Romanian National Television.

Larisa : I love competing and the feeling of competition and I love when the people cheer for us. I’ll be more happy if we win the team medal.

Diana : I hope that we will build ourselves up. To motivate the other girls.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes. It’s late here in Romania (1: 02 am). The girls seem ready to compete. Are you ready Russia? :))

Hai Romania! Cel mai bun sa castige!

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