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New interview with Sandra Izbasa. This was taken during a show/exhibition which was part of Bellu and Bitang’s plan to promote gymnastics and recruit young girls for the sport. She basically says that she’s enjoying her new job, being in charge of the image of Steaua, one of Bucharest sport clubs (she’s promoting gymnastics, organizing shows and recruiting young girls).

The title is pretty self explanatory, ‘Sandra Izbasa: Gymnastics has given me the best in life, but I’d also try something else’. She says she’d comeback for Rio only if the team would really need her and not just based on a crazy idea of hers. For now she thinks she would rather be close to the gymnasts and encourage them instead of competing.

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ppoison asked: hey! who do you think will make the team for euros?



Larisa, Diana and Andreea Munteanu will definitely be in that team if healthy and the other 2 places will go to Stefania Stanila and Diana Teodoru/Silvia Zarzu I think. Anamaria Ocolisan should have been in the mix but she had an injury and she had to take a break. She resumed training but I don’t know if she’ll be ready for Euro.

We don’t have many options right now, I’m sorry that Ana got injured because she could deliver a really good vault for the team.

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Anonymous asked: Were are you watching the competition? I have some streams but they arent showing gymnastics :(( please tell me i really wanna see lari and didi


Select the third tab - Sportv 2 HD

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Didi is sooo beautiful!!!

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Favorite Juniors [2/?] - Andreea Iridon (ROU)

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